'Spice Route' is a tribute to the flavoursome fantasy of the Orient. A salute to the pioneering spirit of explorers who braved all odds in search of the finest and most exotic spices and herbs, the restaurant boasts a menu that ensnares the taste buds of a seasoned food connoisseur. Orchestrated with passion, every dish mesmerizes all your senses enrapturing you with its sensuous exotica and transport the guests to the wonderful world of South Asia.
The food embodies the very essence of the magnificent traditions and the glorious folk, religious and cultural heritage of India and China and is sheer poetry on a plate. Straight from the land of the maharajas and the emperors’ kingdoms, the food befits the feast of the royals. Spiced with sensuous mysticism and secrets of the royal kitchens, the robust, ethnic and vibrant flavours will tantalize and tease your buds.
Welcome to this journey of discovery- the discovery of your hidden passions and the discovery of the unknown. Indulge and let your senses explore the elevated sensation of food and the fire within. Spice Route offers you the rich, exotic and profound experience of Indian and Chinese elementia on a platter. Flavours from the land of the Gods and the cradle of the Himalayas await you. There is a higher power in play behind the making of each dish and we bring to you the Spice Route journey of a thousand miles of blessed bliss to take you to a state of gastric nirvana.